What is Hypercubed Blog... well it is my local corner of the blog world. I am an physicist by training, engineer by trade, programmer by night. I develop websites and program applications in my spare time. My most popular program is Coordinate Exchange a plug-in for MS MapPoint that facilitates the exchange of coordinate information in and out of MapPoint. I run several websites including http://www.hypercubed.com/ and I am a (semi-)active developer of MegaBBS. I was at one time semi-famous for coming up with a method for creating custom tile-sets in NWN. For that I received a cool award from BioWare. But that should be almost it about me. I have tried running a blog before and I realized I don't like talking about myself. So I will be doing very little of that.

So what will I be talking about? Well, I think I'm going to post things that interest me. I am interested in programming, computers, and science. I may occasionally spout off a rant or two about a political issues but I think I really want to focus on creating a online log of what I think is interesting. I spend at least some time almost everyday scouring the web for cool stuff. My favorite sites are Slashdot and Engadget. I will be linking to interesting stuff when I find it and posting any interesting things I do or discover.