When writing my last post on the ionic air purifiers I came across a great blog at skeptico.blogs.com. Honestly, I have very little time to blog myself, much less reading other blogs, but Richard Rockley’s blog is great. To quote from his site:

It sometimes seems like the whole world has gone mad. Everyone I meet seems to believe in some irrational nonsense, no one can ever back up their beliefs with evidence, and yet they view me as the one with the problem. Psychics, psychokinesis, auras, alternative medicine, indigo children, global consciousness, astrology, reincarnation… the list is endless. And just when I think I’ve heard everything, along comes a new piece of drivel I have to listen to. Does anyone ever check anything before repeating it? Doesn’t seem like it.
And if I ask for evidence to back up what is claimed, all I get is, “you don’t understand”, or “what do you mean, ‘test’ it?”, or “I just know it works” or “that sounds closed-minded”, or “science doesn’t know everything”.

It’s all over the news too. Sports people think that God stops whatever he’s doing to help their team (it’s always their team) win a game. Creationist groups want to teach “intelligent design” as though it is science. Does anyone in the media know the difference between science and pseudoscience? Not that you can tell.

This site takes a critical look at many issues, he does his research, and proves his point. Simply a great blog and intelligent blogger. I only hope that someday I can blog as well as he does. Yes, I have a case of blog envy.

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