Ok, so now that mention of my MapPoint post has fallen off the list at http://msdn.microsoft.com/mappoint/ my web traffic has returned to normal (10-15 visits per day) and my dreams of worldwide redership have been shattered I can sit back and reflect on the whole blogging experience. Do I mind that my traffic is so low and I am basically writing to myself? No, not really. Sure it would be nice to get a few comments now and then to know if people are interested in what I have to say but it isn't necessary. This blog gives me a way to record the interesting things I find or think about everyday. As my mind wanders so does my blog. From special relitivty to doorknobs, from hypercubes to Zelda. These are just a fraction of the random things that I think about daily.

I think that is just the way I am. My mind picks up on things an kicks it around all day long analyzing the topic from every angle my mind is capable of comprehending (often leading to insomnia). I actually had someone tell me that the stuff I talk about during lunch is too weird for them. If my lunch topics are so strange that some people don't want to eat lunch with me then I must be saying something interesting... right? Ok, maybe not. Either way this blog serves several purposes for me:

  1. it is a great way to record my random thoughts,
  2. it is a terrific forum to post my discoveries, and
  3. it is good writing practice.

Yes, like everyone else and their half-sister-in-law I would like to be a writer. I no longer have fantasies of becoming the next Asimov or Nevin but I sure would like to write one science fiction novel before I go. Tips number one, two, and three for becoming a writer are practice, practice, and practice. Maybe with a little work I can learn to avoid run-on sentences (there are a couple in this post), fix my atrocious grammar, and perhaps through some miracle improve my vocabulary. Is that expecting to much from a blog? Probably, but at least I'm doing something.

So what is in the future for the Hypercubed blog? I'm not sure. I'm defiantly not going to promise a new post everyday. Blogging takes work and while I'm blogging I'm neglecting my other projects. I hope that in the future I can balance my blogging and my programming and, hopefully, you will see me post about some of my programming projects here.