At my work there is a constant (friendly) clash between the physicists and the engineers. Well, this article at sets everything straight. According to the article the top 10 classiest occupations are:

1. Physicians and Surgeons
2. Lawyers
3. Database Administrators
4. Computer System Administrators
5. Astronomers and Physicists
6. Chemical Engineers
7. Chemists and Materials Scientists
8. Network and Data Communications Analysts
9. Computer Support Specialists
10. Dentists

Only one engineer among the bunch (Chemical Engineers at #6) but still below "Astronomers and Physicists" at #5. It takes some work but you can find the other engineers further down:

12. Aerospace Engineers
20. Engineers, Other
22. Civil Engineers
43. Mechanical Engineers
44. Electrical and Electronic Engineers

How sad for all the Electrical Engineers. They are even below "Engineers, Other" at #20. So I guess even if someone argues that I am not a Physicists because my official title is "Engineer/Scientist" I'd still be at #20 safely above "Electrical Engineers". I'm glad that is finally settled.

All joking aside I find it interesting that I can rank high in all categories (Occupation, Education, and Income) but at the bottom for Wealth. I guess that is the cost (literally) of living in California.

[via: pharyngula]