I like old games. Especially ones that I really wanted to play when I was younger and couldn't afford it (like I mentioned with Zelda) but are now cheap as hell (try the pre-played section at EBGames). It is even better when the games are free. I like to find and play old abandonware games. One of the best sites for abandonware is Home of the Underdogs. Also try searching on Google as many of these sites tend to venture too far into the not-so-abandonedware and get shut down. Another great site is replacementdocs to download old manuals.

I'm also attempting to setup a MAME machine. I've got the computer running great using AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMENU running under MS-DOS 6.22 and using the DOS version of pcAnywhere to control it. I did a lot of tweaking of pc's setup including a custom compiled version of AdvanceMAME. Hopefully soon I get around to blogging all the sweet hacking of my PC to get MAME just right. In the future I hope to get a cabinet to install everything in and make a standup cab complete with coin slots.