I'm very bad at buying gifts. I never know who I should buy gifts for (do you give b-day gifts to your boss's cousin's administrative assistant?) or what to buy. Even on the rare occasion that I decide what to buy I rarely can find one that is right for that person (does my wife's hairdresser's sister like puke green Daisy Dukes?). My wife on the other had is great at it. She always buys something that is great and typically makes me feel shitty for giving crappy gifts.

Well this year for my birthday my wife gave me a Casio Wave Ceptor watch. First of all it is a pretty nice looking watch but the features are really cool. The front face is a solar cell for charging the batteries so hopefully I can drag myself away from my keyboard long enough to keep a charge. It has all the other nice watch features like 12/24 hr format, duel analog and digital display, alarms, stopwatch, and electro-luminescent backlight, and world time. But the most impressive feature is that every night the watch calibrates itself to the U.S. atomic clock signal transmitted from in Fort Collins, CO. I should never have to set the time again. Sweet! Mine is actually a Japanese version so the day of the week is written in Kanji (so maybe I'll learn something) but there are many different styles available here in the U.S.: search amazon. Hopefully I will get the matching sports car for father's day.