So as a follow-up to my last post regarding Coordinate Exchange I did some digging and discovered the COCOMO model for software cost estimations. In it's basic form COCOMO can estimate the total effort of a project from the SLOC (source lines of code). So after a little more searching I found this program by Rod Stephens at to count the number of lines in Coordinate Exchange. So using Rod's program and the COCOMO model I calculate the following for my Coordinate Exchange project:

*** SUMMARY ***
Forms: 9
Modules: 23
Classes: 18
Total Controls: 230
Total Lines: 9803
Total Subs: 166
Total Functions: 167
Total Properties: 54
Total Comments: 1701

*** Basic COCOMO model ***
Total Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC): 8,102
Development Effort Est., Person-Yrs (Person-Months): 1.80 (21.59)
Schedule Estimate, Years (Months): 0.67 (8.03)
Total Estimated Cost to Develop: $310,882

The development effort seams high. I've been working on CoordEx at most three years now so I don't know how I can spend almost two man-years on it. In any event that is an estimated 300,000 price tag for CoordEx. So based on the amount of money I've received for CoordEx development that is a P/E (price to earnings) ratio of 1800. In other words I've earned less then 0.06% of what CoordEx is worth. Do I believe this is the actual value of CoordEx? Not really... just an interesting evaluation.