The other day I mentioned that I'm testing BlogJet. I’ve used BlogJet for every posts after (and including) that one. Well, first for the cons. Using BlogJet provides a convent HTML editor for creating and uploading your posts. The HTML editor is slightly better the the post creator at with the added convenience of a spell checker. It allows you to add graphics and the graphics are uploaded automatically to an FTP server of your choice. This is very convenient as blogger doesn't have the capabilities to add a graphic and when posting to blooger you need to open a support FTP application to upload your graphics to your server then embed the image URL in your post. BlogJet does this automatically. Unfortunately, that is the only feature I liked.

Like I said the HTML editor is only slightly better then bloggers and if you really wanted embedded spell check your could always use ieSpell or similar tool. The spell checking tool in BlogJet is plain dumb. As a habitual keyboard pecker I often type “the” instead of “the” and the BlogJet spell check requires me to scroll to the bottom of the suggested corrections list to hit “the”. Additionally there is no “change all” feature in the spell check. With my spelling abilities I need a good spell checker. Personally I think I prefer spell checking my posts in outlook. I construct my post in outlook as I would an e-mail, spell-check, then copy to blogger editor. The inconvenience here is that the images wont upload (requiring an FTP upload as I sated above) and that I can’t edit the HTML directly inside outlook. So far I’ve been finding myself writing in BlogJet, copying to outlook, spell checking in outlook, copying back to BlogJet for posting. After posting I then usually pop over to my blog to make sure the upload is complete. If I’m opening the blog anyway I might as well post it directly into blogger and skip the middle man.

Well my BlogJet trial version is expiring soon and I don’t think I’ll be renewing it. When someone embeds a blog posted inside outlook then I’ll be all over that.