Word travels fast on the internet. I posted my review of BlogJet yesterday and less then 14 hours later someone from BlogJet posted a comment. I hope they take my opinion constructively. Let me clarify my point of view. BlogJet is a decent and solid program. But for me I get the same abilities using outlook and blogger.com with some added inconvenience of copying and pasting. This added inconvenience is offset by the inconvenience in using spell check BlogJet. Let me illustrate. As I wrote this post I typed “the” as “teh” 11 times. When I hit spell check in BlogJet I get the dialog in figure 1 below. Notice where the correct spelling of “the” is? No? That is because it is down the list a couple of lines. To get the correct spelling I have to scroll down and then hit “the”. I would have to do this 11 times using BlogJet (scroll, click, scroll, click, etc). Now look at outlook spell check in figure 2 below. Notice that “the” is the first item on the list and the default selection. Outlook knows that this is a common spelling error and orders the suggestions based on commonality (or so I assume). Furthermore, notice the button on the right “Change All”. When I hit that all “teh”s will turn to “the”s. One click is defiantly better then scroll, click, scroll, click, and so one. In figure 3 is the spell check from iespell “a free Internet Explorer browser extension that spell checks text input boxes on a webpage.” It also has “the” as the first suggestion and a “Change All” button.

I know what your saying. Learn to spell jackass. Well, maybe if I tried hard I can fix my “teh” issue but the same goes for other words. The BlogJet spell check is not poorly written it just is not as smart as outlook’s (or iespell's) which I believe is common across all office applications. I hope the BlogJet developer, if he returns, will take this as constructive criticism and take their spell check up a notch.


Figure 1: BlogJet spell checker


Figure 2: Outlook spell checker


Figure 3: ieSpell spell checker