While looking for evidence to debunk my mothers lies I encountered this website. It is a collections of childhood beliefs posted by adults (who hopefully don't believe them anymore). The funniest ones are in the sex section as I'm sure we all had many misconceptions about sex an where babies come from. Here are a few of my favorite "safe for work" ones:

When I was little my older sister told me if you swallowed chewing gum it would wind itself around your heart and stop it beating.
- Clare
I had a strange fear that if I closed my eyes in the bathtub, William Shakespeare would come up through the drain and kill me. I knew his name, but I had no idea who he was, so I just naturally assumed he was some sort of bathtub vampire.
- Dan
When I was little, my Mum told me that when the Queen went to the toilet, a lttle brush came up and scrubbed her bum when she had finished.
when i was little i used to always want to buy ice cream from the ice cream man, and sometimes my mom would give me money. but one time, when i asked for money she got fed up and said, "oh, that's the knife sharpening man! he comes around and sharpens peoples' knives to use to kill little kids who ask him for ice cream! please, whatever you do, DONT ASK HIM FOR ICE CREAM!" from then on, i was horrified at the knife sharpening man, aka the ice cream man. :P