The other day I posted a (not so) short review of Cloudmark anti-spam software (read Cloudmark marks to much). I've now used Cloadmark for 1 week and I have to admit that it is working better then I expected. When Cloadmark filtered through my inbox it mis-marked a lot of my legitimate e-mail as spam. However, it seams to do a lot better on incoming mail. In one week I'm had only two false hits. I'm sure to some extent Cloudmark has "learned" from all the corrections I made after it went through my inbox but it appears to be handling new types of legitimate mail just fine. I still don't like the fact that I had two false hits. So while the application works better then expected I probably won't be shilling out $39.95 per year for this app. I guess in general I like to try new applications but rarely like to buy them.