I think it may be a natural response. But like many other natural feelings (like the strong urge to steal children's candy when it looks better then your slim fast) it is one that needs to be avoided. I talking about the strong desire to blame natural disasters on someone (or something). I think we all seek answers after a major event. We want to know why, how can this happen, how can we prevent this next time. Unfortunately sometimes we jump to conclusions that are simply poor and sometimes dangerous.

In the wake of we are all shocked and horrified. The 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Tsunami's, Columbia, and now this (did I miss any?). The 2000's are turning out to be a tough millennium. But do we really have to blame Katrina on something?

Director of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowment's research center appears to be saying that Katrina is punishment for not believing in Islam.

In 1998 Pat Robertson said "hurricanes and other natural disasters would sweep down on Orlando, Fla., because gay men and lesbians were flocking to Disney World on special "gay days." Well, all I can say is that his Operation Blessing charity is not getting my donation. Read about use of operation blessing's resourse to support Pat's diamond mine.

Maybe the closest is RKF Jr. He blames global warming. Although global warming probably played a factor in the hurricanes this season he specifically George Bush, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, and the Republican Party for their failure to support the Kyoto protocol. Which you should know is a farce and that humans are not causing global warming.

The truth is that Katrina is an extremely unfortunate event that is part of a natural waether cycle. Maybe if we spent more time learning from previous events rather then attempting to place blame we could have reduced the impact of this hurricane.

What can I do?
You should first look into donating through your companies if possible. Most major corporations offer matching funds for charitable donations.
Donate to organizations like the RedCross or others.
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