So last night was the season finale of . What do I think? Actually I’m not quite sure yet. This season finale had to be the most intense (or should I say tense) cliff hanger I’ve ever seen. This episode itself was excellent. That was a good surprise compared to the last two or three that sort of sucked. The whole episode left me in a sort of post-traumatic state. Things got really screwed up, everything we know about the pattern of life on Battlestar has changed, and right when things are coming to a head… To Be Continued. Sure it was successful at what it was intended to do but to leave us (me) hanging when the situation is in such a state is almost torture. Maybe I’m being over dramatic, after all it is just a show, but it is really going to leave me in an uncomfortable state for the next 4 months until next season. In other words the season finale was great but at the same time I fracking hate it!

In other Battlestar news the show has been selected as the #2 best Sci-Fi show of all time by