I get lots of e-mail spam and I mean a lot. For some reason much of it is in Russian. Maybe because of a post I made about the ease of translating e-mails in outlook. I don't translate it by the way, in case you Russian spammers are listening. The rest is usually trying to sell pharmaceuticals, penis enlargements, or penny stocks. I blogged about using CloudMark (here and here) but the spam e-mail continues to roll in. I also receive many spam posts on my websites' forums. Most of those are links in Chinese and get promptly deleted. There ar a few more subtle spam posts by some folks pretending (poorly) to have a conversation regarding certification tests. Those I tolerate because I want to see where they're going. I'm also starting to have to deal with a new form of spam' blog comment spam. Most of theses I delete unless I can find some why to post a humorous comment back.

So what is the deal? Why all this spam? Well unfortunately the answer is pretty easy. Sending spam (or posting spam) is cheap and it works. That is the thing that annoys me most. Why the hell does it work? Who are the idiots that are buying these 'Medhictions' that promise to 'IMMEDIATE SIZEGAIN ON UR SMALL SIZE @1%# seize'? Would you ever buy anything from a store that advertised satisfaction guaranteed 'or your monneyy back without question ask!'' No! So why in the hell are people buying this crap? The solution is as simple as the cause just don't by from spammers! But unfortunately some people are just too stupid. Maybe we should require a license to gain internet access?

How about the penny stocks... well you might think that the spammers want you to buy them so they can experience a quick price surge and then sell. You might be tempted to try and ride the wave. The truth is these stocks don't increase much and the drop pretty rapidly. If you need proof read Spam Stock Tracker. This guy tracked several spammed stocks to determine how much he would lose if he had purchased shares in each. At last check he would have lost 7,550.40 of a 17,405.00 investment. Again the answer is just don't do it!

Ok, now what about my forum and comment spam. We'll I'm not going to buy anything from these people. What about you my loyal randomly-acquired-and-most-likely-lost reader? Well, if I do my job well you will never see the comment spam. Hopefully the spammers will get the hint and stop spamming my sites (a man can hope can't he?). But I'll take it one step further' I'm going to post the names of the sites that are spamming me and encourage you to NEVER buy from these people. I know some will think that I'm giving them extra advertising. This may be true, but in a way I think it is therapeutic for me. Think of it as my public hate list.