My blogging has slowed down quite a bit from the days I started. I've been busy with other projects, family, work, etc.  I have plenty of excuses but lack of content isn't really one of them.  Every week I collect many web links that I think I should share with my readers (and preserve for myself).  I want to avoid the one line "Here is a great link" post entries but don't always find the time to write about the links content or attributes or how to add verbiage on what the link means to me.  So I've decided to start a weekly (or as close to as I can get) post of my collected links.  They will be a collection of links with very short descriptions for your surfing pleaser.  So here is my first collection.

* Disclosure: The links presented here are links I recorded during my web surfing sessions. Often times these links were found on other sites and are presented here without credit. Those sites include, but are not limited to,, Slashdot, Drudge Report, and BoingBoing. *