Every once in a while I discover a "new" feature in a software application that has been there forever staring me in the face. Today I had such a discover that I'd like to share. First the background. Often when I'm at a website reading a news article for example I'll want to search for more information on something. Perhaps a name or a company for example. What I did back in my IE days was to copy the text, open a new window, navigate to goggle or a9, paste the text into the text box and hit search. In Firefox this process got simpler. I can copy the text and past it into Firefox's search box. This was defiantly an improvement. Well today I discovered a new way to speed up this task. Highlight the text, right-click, then select Search web for "XXX". XXX will be the text you highlighted. Firefox will search for that term on your default browser and your done. As easy as that. Saves me a lot of time so I thought I would share because if it has slipped under my nose for this long I'm sure there are others that have missed it.

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