So I was reading an interesting article over at boingboing lastnight and I wanted to see what other bloggers have said on the topic so I clicked on the "blogs' comments" link and I was taken to Technorati search. On the left had side of the Technorati site I noticed an advertisement enticing me to make money from blogging (You've got to love directed advertising). So I clicked the ad and was brought to a "group weblog written by professional bloggers, for professional bloggers." So I started reading a few of the entries. Mainly clicking on the titles that seamed interesting to me. Finally I clicked on an article titled "Firefox Extensions For Bloggers". I'm a blogger and I like Firefox so that seamed like a good article. In this article Chris Garrett discusses his top five picks for most useful extensions for bloggers. I was shocked to see #3 was my very own Xinha Here. That was quite a shock.  Xinha Here is less then a month old and is still having some issues. Glad to know that it is being found useful.

So I did a Google search for "Xinha Here" to get an idea of it's spread.  A couple of blogs that mention Xinha Here ( , The WeBlog of John, and The Baptists Family blog).  Unfortunately I'm seeing many comments everywhere (on my blog, at, and even about the lack of Firefox 1.5 support.  The truth is that Firefox 1.5 support has been around for a few weeks now. is very slow in updating the extension entries and each submission needs to be reviewed.  If you want the latest version of any extension you should always check the authors website directly.  You can always get the latest version of Xinha Here from my website.

I'm starting to think that if Xinha Here is going to be a popular project I should have thought of a better name.  Xinha Everywhere or Xinha Anywhere might have been more appropriate?