WordPress 2.0 was release today and I deceide to upgarde. Usually I wait a few days to see if there are any major issues but feeling confident I went for it. I screwed up! The installation appeared to go fine. I upgraded the DB and that appeared fine. Of course the website was still showing errors at this point because all my plugins were deactivated. No problem just reactivate the plugins. I expected a few not to work. I checked what I use against the compatibility list and was aware of where the problems will be. But my issue is more serious then that. I cannot activate ANY plugin. That's right... NONE of them work. It's not like that are incompatable or anything. I click the activate link and the browser reports "Plugin Activated"... but it is flat out lying. No matter what I do no plugins are not activated. GRRRR.... so I've modified a few things to ensure that most of the site works without plugins but a few things are still broken. Somebody help me I can't live without my plugins!