xinahhere_toolbar.gifYour favorite Firefox extension (or at least my favorite) just got much better. I've just posted version 0.6 of Xinha Here. This version includes several major improvements. For one you can now open Xinha Here in a bar across the bottom of the browser. You can still open Xinha in a window but I think the bottom bar is a lot more convenient. The one drawback to the bottom bar is that it is missing all context menus and tool tips. I've tried to fix this but so far have had no luck. Anybody out there with any tips? The good news is that the next version of SpellBound includes a spell check as you type feature that works in both the bottom bar and in a window.

The second major improvement is the Xinha Here! tool bar. This is a Xinha plugin like many others Xinha plugins except that it adds items that are only available in Xinha Here. These include "Save As" and "Open" for when you want to save and load the HTML text. This makes it very convenient to save posts for later use. Also on the Xinha Here! tool bar you have a restore feature. This will recover the last post you made using Xinha Here. Future versions may include automatic backups as you type.

In addition I have fixed a few bugs and added an auto update feature. Now you can update Xinha Here directly from the browser if you are using Firefox 1.5.

And now for some begging! I first posted Xinha Here exactly two months ago today. In the last two months I've seen Xinha Here grow surprisingly fast in popularity. Searching for "Xinha Here" in google returns 38,200 hits. My website traffic has gone from around 30 unique visitors per day to nearly 400. According to my count the latest version alone has been downloaded 3070 times. You may notice in the upper right hand corner of this blog is a "Make a Donation" button. I have a similar button on my extensions page. At this time I have received only two donation of $1 each (both from the same person). So while news of Xinha Here has spread quickly and my traffic is increasing I have made practically no money. Sure I know that I can never get rich making free software but I think I deserve a little more then $2! If everyone that downloaded Xinha Here gave just a little I could at least recover most hosting costs. That would be nice!

If you like Xinha Here please consider making a donation to support further development using the PayPal donation button in the upper right.

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