I don't often write about video games. I do like video games and play a few but it is very rare for me to finish a game. I typically buy a game and play until it gets boring (read repetitive and redundant). It takes a lot for me to stay interested in a game. I think the last game I played to conclusion was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and before that Half-Life. Well, the other night I finished God or War. I don't think it is news that God of War is a great game. It has won tons of awards including several game of the year awards. What is interesting about God of War is the price.  I typically wait for games to drop in price before I buy a copy.  Considering my poor commitment to finishing games this seams like a good plan.  However, the price for God of War stayed high for a long time.  I presume because it it's immense popularity.  I was watching and the price was just not dropping.  Well, a couple of weeks ago they released a new "Greatest Hits" printing with a new price of $19.95.  Wow! I've never seen a price drop so suddenly. Needless to say I snagged a copy and spent most of my free time playing.  Not only did I finish the game but in record time (for me that is).  Great game... highly recommended for Mature (17+) game players.  Defiantly not a game for the young ones.