First Kevin Rose left now Sarah Lane and Brendon Moran are leaving too. Sad times for Attack of the Show. Seriously Attack of the show is the only thing I watch on TV other then Battlestar (when it is running) and now my favorite co-host is leaving. My world is shattered!

You know what, screw them! They never invited me on the show to talk about Hypercubed Blog even though I lived right down the street form their studio. The new host is hotter anyway!

Sarah... I'm sorry I didn't mean what I said before. It was the sadness talking. I didn't mean it. Please come back!

Ok... fine, suit yourself, go. See if I care!

In all seriousness, If you guys stumble upon my Blog best of luck. Sarah looks really happy, she was practically glowing during the show. Brendon? Well, he looks like Brendon. Lucky sap!