Would you ever vote for a political candidate that dumps trash in your neighborhood? Well, if you ever voted then you probably have. Every time there's any election (or primary) my neighborhood (and your's also) is littered with political signs... or as one group calls them "LitterOnAStick". Has anyone's vote been influenced by these ugly things? At first I thought anyone influenced by these signs is too stupid to vote. Then I decided, no, our vote should be influenced by these signs. I'll never vote for anyone that leaves there signs trash littering my neighborhood (aka Pollcats). If they can't keep their own trash off my street how can I trust them to take care of my city/state/country?
It is now July 7th exactly one month after the election ended here. The voting is over. Why are their stupid trashy signs still all over the place! Some people I will never vote for:
Update: Seams that a few days after this post the owner of this property cleaned it all up. Most likely completly unrelated to my post.

Jerome Horton and Marcy Winograd Jerome Horton and Rod Guyton Marcy Winograd