With much delay I'd like to present version 0.10 of Xinha Here.  You will notice that the version number remains a subversion.  I had hoped (for the last six months) to clean up the last few things that we keeping me from calling it 1.0 but with the recent release of Firefox 2.0 RC1 I felt it was necessary to put out a compatible version.  This version is mostly some clean-up.  I've added tool tips to the editor, fixed a little bit of weirdness when opening and closing the bottom bar, and I've improved the about box.  One nice change is that you can now hold shift while selecting "Open Xinha Here" to have the text in the text box is treated like plain text rather then HTML.  This will preserve your line spacing and tabs.  I also integrated Xinha Here more tightly with SpellBound by adding a Spell-check button.

And last but not least if you like Xinha Here please consider making a donation to support further development using the PayPal donation button in the upper right.  I get a lot of support requests everyday but practically no donations.  If you like free software please support your free software developers.

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