Unsolvable FreeCell During work breaks (when I can take one) I like to play a game or two of solitaire on my Siemens SX66 PDA Phone. Lately I've been playing FreeCell (thanks to FreeCell for Pocket PC by nandhp).  I had gotten to the point that I could win every game (with a few undoes).  I began to wonder if there was a solution to every game.   Turns out FreeCell is one of the most popular solitaire games because it has the one of the highest win rates of any solitaire (see FreeCell -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) written by Michael Keller).  There are some deals that are unsolvable.  With this knowledge my game playing strategy changed.  I no longer wanted to simply play free cell but actually solve every single game I was presented with.  Needless to say this often takes many undoes or a restart.  Up to the other day I had solved every one presented to me (about 35 games).  Well, I finally hit one that I couldn't solve.... unfortunately it had nothing to do with the deal.  The game simply cheated.  Take a close look at this screenshot.