About once a week I visit the McDonald's near my house.  Invariably the conversation between myself and the cashier goes something like this:

Me:  I'd like a Big Mac, sandwich only, and a large fries to go.
Cashier: You want the large big mac combo?
Me: No, just the sandwich and large fries.
Cashier: Ok, anything to drink?
Me: No.
Cashier: Anything else?
Me: No that is it.
Cashier: Ok, for here or to go?
Me: To go.

What part of "I'd like a Big Mac, sandwich only, and a large fries to go." don't they understand? I guess everything other then "Big Mac" and "large".

Even worse; once in a while a cashier tries to convince me that it is cheaper to get the combo.  First of all I don't drink soda anymore so paying paying even a few cents extra is not worth it.  Second it is NEVER cheaper to get the combo vs. the same sandwich and fries without the drink.  Once every couple of months I need to prove this to a MCD cashier. If you ever look at your receipt after purchasing a combo meal you will see two entries.  One is for the combo meal and the other for for the drink.  They charge you full price for the drink and slightly less for the sandwich and fries.  The savings never exceeds the cost of a drink.  I suspect the reason behind this is that Coke is not going to get any less money for a soda just because you bought some fries with it.

While I will feel slightly bad for the pimply faced high school students who won't be able to buy their PS3 on "their own money" I can't wait for self serve kiosks.  Maybe in a few years I'll never need to talk to another human being ever again!  I can dream can't I?