Like any good geek I've been intently watching the iPhone technolust unfold over the last few days.  Here are 11 10 reasons I will be sticking with my Siemens SX66 for a few more years (if it lasts that long):

  1. I'm cheap as hell!  $500 is a lot of money for a phone.  If I'm going to pay that much I want it to do everything (see 3-8).
  2. AT&T (or is it the new hipper at&t) 2-year contract requirement.  Why on earth do you need to commit to a two year contract with at&t to use a phone that you paid full price for?
  3. EDGE.  I'm not sure about the details but from what I understand the iPhone's EDGE data connection is not very fast compared to the latest 3G technologies.
  4. No GPS.  My Siemens SX66 doesn't have GPS either but then again it didn't cost $500 (see #1).  I'd much rather have GPS than that accelerometer.
  5. Google maps only.  Online Google maps should work fine... if you are inside at&t's coverage.  What if you are lost in the amazon (it happens)?  Without cell coverage online Google maps is not going to help.  Can't call for help, can't find a map, no GPS to get your heading.  Maybe you can use the backside as a emergency reflector?
  6. No memory expansion.  That means in a few years when 4GB SD cards are $20 each you'll need to buy a new iPhone for another $500 plus inflation (see #1).
  7. 2-megapixel camera.  No I'm not complaining about the low-res camera.  I don't want a camera at all.  There are many places (including my work) that do not allow cameras.  I'm not willing to pay $500 (see #1) for a phone that will sit in my car all day.  Plus 2-MP, no flash, and no video... WTF?
  8. No removable battery.  This just seams like a bad idea.
  9. Will not act as a modem.  If the service plan is for unlimited data transfer it would be nice to be able to use your iPhone as a modem for a laptop... especially if it had the faster 3G speeds.
  10. It's the first version.  It looks like Apple did a great job but iPhone 2.0 should be better (*crosses fingers*).
  11. Did I mention I'm cheap as hell?  I guess I did.

Yes, there is a little jealousy here.  The iPhone does look like a well made machine and user very friendly.  I defiantly wouldn't refuse a free one.  Maybe when my Siemens SX66 breaks and my company changes there archaic rules I'll think again.