First Tumblr , then Twitter, followed quickly by Jaiku, and now Pownce.  Micro-blogs are all over the place and frankly I just don't get it.  For those of you that haven't heard of any of these; let me explain. These sites are like mini-blogs (or even micro-blogs).  The (micro-)blogger posts messages on a somewhat regular basis.  But instead of a lengthy technical how-to or a long "my parents just don't understand" emo rant they post short (mostly) useless updates like "getting milk at Ralph's" or "OMG, I just passed gas in church".  Users can post these messages any time of day by mobile phone text message, instant messaging, email, or the website in an always connected mentality.  Funny thing is even though this type of site appears totally useless to everyone, for some reason it is very popular. 

Why?  I really don't know.  Like I said I don't get it.  Even though I like the idea of always being connected to the net (I want Google and wikipedia directly pumped into my head) I don't get the need to post every mundane activity.  BTW, I ate at Jack-in-the-box tonight, wow, do you care?

Stepping back a minute, how can I judge any of these sites without trying them?  Maybe if I try it out I'll discover it is the best thing since ASCII art.  OK, I doubt it but I'll give one a try... only... which one?  For me the choice was obviously Pownce.

Pownce is the latest, but probably not the last, micro-blogging platform to pop up in the web 2.0 "new world order".    Pownce improved on the model by adding file, event, and link sharing.   Pownce is also recommended for use in a "work setting".  While my blog is not really work (it is hard work, but I don't make money) I think Pownce is the site for me.  Plus, I'm a big Kevin Rose (a founder of Pownce and Digg) fan so there you go.

So if you want to see my Pownce micro-blog look here: Hypercubed Pownce.  I also have a few invites.  If you would like to join Pownce leave a comment below.  Be sure to leave a valid e-mail in the e-mail field.  Don't put your e-mail address in the comment if you want to avoid spam.