OK, 2008 is coming to an end. Looking back I posted a massive total of... wait for it... eight (8) posts this entire year. WTF! Eight... that can't be right? That is right. Yes, I suck. No, this is not a "sorry I haven't posted in so long" post (well maybe it is sort of) because I won't apologize for such a thing. I decided a long time ago that this blog is for me to share interesting things i do or discover. This is not to build a massive daily readership by posting everyday.

So if I only post interesting things I've done or discovered and I only posted eight posts this year it must have been an uninteresting year... right?  That, dear random reader, is a logical fallacy (perhaps Confusing Cause and Effect but I'm not sure). It has been a very interesting year for me. Most of the "interesting" (I'm using interesting loosely here) have been personal not fit for print on my technical blog. I've also done some interesting things online but never had the time to post about them. I enjoyed helping a friend create a site to share his photos (www.pattamanuch.com) using modx. I hacked together a few ubiquity commands that I hope to share here soon.  I updated Xinha Here a couple of times mostly just to keep up with the latest Firefox version.  I've started and subsequently dropped a few new projects (see Implementation vs. ideas).

So what is a loyal hypercubed blog reader supposed to do?   Well, one thing you can do is check out or subscribe to my delicious links tag.  Anytime I see something interesting that I think others would enjoy I delicious it with the tag links.  The top 10 links appear on the right hand side of my blog.  I've yet to find an easy way to compile these into a regular blog post but I may eventually.  What else?  Well I broke down and created a twitter account.  Not much to see there yet but perhaps if I have some followers I'll be inclined to post some quick tips now and then.

In any event, I can't promise that 2009 will be any better but rest assured I'll be doing interesting stuff regardless of weather I blog about it or not.

Have a Happy New Year!