Blogging is an interesting thing. When you first start blogging you're writing for yourself. You know nobody is listening. You don't really worry about the magnitude of what you're saying. You're writing because you like to write. It's not necessary that every post be about something important. What matters is that you enjoy writing it. But slowly you realize that people are listening. You've gain an audience. Maybe small but enough that you begin to feel a sort of... duty. Your posts need to be meaningful. Important. Each one has to carry your voice and share something useful with the world. Invariably the weight of this obligation begins to settle in on you. Your posting slows down. You just can't come up with a topic that speaks to you and your audience. The time between posts gets longer and longer. Most topics seams too mundane. Too unimportant to post. The longer the time since the last post the more important your "return" needs to be. Until one day you realize you're not posting at all. It's been months, a year, longer. Your blog has joined crowded ranks of the dead blog graveyard. But wait, there is hope. Yes, the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the ever famous... sorry-I-haven't-posted-in-so-long-post. Yes, one little apology to your readers. That should buy you another month or two... right... right? Hello! Am I right? Alas, it is a trick. You see, while you sat silently suffering "the midnight disease" it was not your blog that died.... but your readers.