I haven't written a blog post in over two years. So, it is somewhat ironic that my first post after so long is to announce that I now have a new design. "Why design a new site for a dead blog?" Well, the new site combines three dormant sites into one semi-dormant site. While combining my vanity url jharshbarger.com and my project site hypercubed.com I also rolled in my blog archives for good measure. I designed this new site using docpad static site generator. The source code for the entire site can be found here: Hypercubed/blog.hypercubed.com. The process of designing a site using DocPad was pleasant enough. However, the process of extracting the wordpress posts and converting to markdown (Edit: actually I only converted a few to markdown) was not (requiring some sloppy node-fu). There is sill some hiccups to be ironed out, and potentially more to come, but I wanted to stop screwing with wordpress and move on to other (bigger and better) things.