Over the last several weeks many websites and the main stream media have been running multiple stories on the Katrina rescues and aftermath. The reports of rape, murder, and piles of bodies at the Superdome and the Convention Center were extremely disturbing. However, now that the horror stories have stoped and recovery has started where is the news? Well, apparently these sites are mute for a reason... because they were all duped. While the conditions in New Orleans were horrible beyond anything I have ever experienced the rumors of deaths and violence have been greatly exaggerated. This article posted at NOLA.com give great details of the reality found in the aftermath. No evidence of murdered babies and not the rumored hundreds of bodies. Will major websites and the main stream media take responsibility and clear up the disinformation? We'll see... we may have to leave it to the bloggers that don't have to save face:

Deaths greatly exaggerated in New Orleans
exaggerated crime in katrina aftermath
Rumors of deaths greatly exaggerated: Widely reported attacks false or unsubstantiated
Exaggerated reporting on the SuperDome in N.O.?

[Edit: I removed a reference to a particular website. This article was not about them in particular but directed at the misinformation sources in general.]