Have I mentioned that I have a love hate relationship with Fry's Electronics.  I love Fry's prices.  Often their prices cannot be beat.  But the cheap prices come at a price complete loss of customer service.  Basically customer service is nonexistent.   Actually let me take that back. The Fry's customer service is never helpful but they are always willing to do one thing.  They are willing to ask for your name and phone number to type into their computer, generate a printout, that you take to the front desk along with your purchase selection.  This paper server no purpose other then indicating that the get the sales commission.  But they didn't even help with the sale.  They just stand around looking for people that have already made a purchase and then pounce.

It's kind of a game.  Can you get into the store, find your item, and then get to the front desk before one of the employees spots you and try's to help by invading your privacy?  Sometimes no matter what you do you have to ask for then to retrieve an item for you (for example a hard drive or memory).  Last time that happened and they asked for my name and phone number I said "no".  The employee was shocked.  I said that I do not want to give my name and phone number.  He then called the manager who informed me that the name and phone number were needed in case of a recall.  Like they are really going to recall this $24 memory card.  It was complete bullshit and I told him so.  He then instructed me to make up and name and number.  So now at Fry's I am J. Smith at 310-123-4567.

In another instance my wife was looking to purchase a new wireless home phone.  The phone we wanted was not on the shelf.  So my wife asked the employee very nicely if they had any more.  She was the one who asked because I refuse to talk to them.  The employee response was "Does it look like we have any?" gesturing towards the empty shelf.  My wife, rather shocked, explained that she was asking if there was more in the back.  The employees response, in a very condescending tone, was that if there was more in the back they would be brought out.  Amazingly after that encounter I noticed the ass's picture on the isle rack with the title "This section proudly presented by  XXX".  I really should have remembered the guys name but this was a few years ago.

Anyway, I'm writing this tonight because I am again annoyed by Fry's.  Today I needed an extension cable.  So I ran into Fry's, b-lined to the section I needed, grabbed the cable, then dodged a few employees on the way to the checkout line.  As I stood in the checkout line with 30 some odd people in front of me and only two cashiers I could over hear a loud conversation by two employees obviously not working near the checkout.  The conversation went something like this:

Employee 1:  Shit Dogg.  I can't remember any of that.
Employee 2: Fucker, you were so shit drunk I had to carry your ass to your car.
Employee 1: So who the fuck dented my car.
Employee 2: Fucker, I don't know.  You drove.

Yeah, those are some quality Fry's employees for you.