outwit_win A few days ago when I introduced you to JellyFish I mentioned that in between items they have a few mini-games.  Well tonight I won $80.  Sweet!

Outwit the smack works like this.  The game occurs in between each product during the off hours shows.  The outwit pot starts at $10 and increases by $10 every round until somebody wins  When the outwit starts one person from the "audience" is chosen to be the player.  This is your toughest odds as I'm sure there are over a hundred member all the time.  After choosing a player everyone is presented with a poll question.  Mine was something about buffy the vampire slayer.  Everyone is presented with 5 answers to the poll.  But the goal is not to get the "right" answer but to choose the answer that gets the lowest ratings.  At this point you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning.  If you are the chosen player and pick the lowest rated answer you win the pot.  If you are not the chosen player you get a point, basically brownie points.   So I won $80.  This pays for all my purchases from JellyFish so far and some.  Nothing to quit the day job over but pretty cool nonetheless.  Not bad considering all it costs me is an extra tab in my browser and a few minutes a night.