If you have a blog with comments enabled you are sure to get a few interesting comments.  Hypercubed blog has had it's fair share.  There are the newbs that can't seams to get a grasp of using rapid share.  The cheap skates that want free copies of Norton SystemWorks.  And the paranoids that are afraid to give their SSN money in a bank.  Matter of fact I'd say most of the comments on Hypercubed blog are off-the wall.    I don't know how to respond to these comments without sounding condescending so most of the time I just don't respond.  I guess it is the old adage that if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.

But nothing beats the comment from A. L. Hay (I don't know if that is his real name).  Apparently Mr. Hay thinks that because I posted an entry on the McDonalds Monopoly game that I must in fact represent McDonalds.

To Whom it may concern:   I have E-Mailed you several times on the monopoly game but for some reason I get no reply. I’m concerned about the Boardwalk Parks Place game pieces, And whom has come forward to claim the prize you see I A.L. Hay in Artesia New Mexico seem to have remembered Pulling the Boardwalk GGame Piece along with another certain piece of property I’ll choose not to reveal right now. I inquired with one of your service employes about the odds on the specific Boardwalk game piece and the odds for that specific piece, No positive information was revealed to me at the time She informed me she really didn’t know. I was also instructed to the game board brocure on the counter I kept to read latter and proceded to put the two pieses in my wallet for safe keeping. It was also the start of the game. And I intended on collecting the other pieces to see for myself the odds on the specific pieces.  Time went on days gone by. I recieved a Parks Place piece My last winning piece. As I went into my wallet to retrieve the other piece It now was another Parks Place piece not the Boardwalk piece I remembered? Im almost sure I didn’t Illusion the pieces prior to this event because I told several people that I had gotten the Boardwalk piece and how I thought It was tha harder of the two pieces to get. Now I dont know exactly how the piece was taken from me or who exactly is involved… This is a true story that Im telling you and truly based off of FACTS and not a dream or illusion. Need to Know what happened… I won fair and square. truly thats plain and simple. In Need Of Resolution PLEASE. truly Yours, A.L. Hay P.S. Feel free to E-Mail me at   [redacted]

See he knows he didn't illusion it because he told prople about it.  I couldn't help but respond to this one.

Mr. Hay,

Thank you for contacting me regarding your issue with the my Monopoly Best Chance Game.  I regret that I have been unable to reply to you via e-mails regarding this issue.  You see after the ramped fraud seen in this game during the years 1995 - 2001 extra security measures were needed to ensure that the winning game pieces were never again misappropriated.  These security measures includes a sophisticated quantum cytographic transmission protocol that ensures that the secret details will never be reveled to anyone.  These security measures are so strong, in fact, that not even the intended recipient of the e-mail can read it.  Therefore the location of the winning game pieces is never reveled to anyone.

In regards to your issue.  It may be possible that you did pull the coveted Boardwalk piece as you recall.  However, it appears that the e-ink on which this game piece was printed may have malfunctioned.  This issue has occurred in the past.  Unfortunately, it is our policy that we are not responsible for malfunctions of our game pieces.

If you wish to have your issue investigated further you will need to complete, in triplicate, an advanced special service online form (ASS-O form).  The ASS-O form currently resides on our 233 yottaflop Gibson processing cluster (see image) running a beta version of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.  Normally I could give you access to our system as long as you prove you are a US citizen, (be aware that a drivers license is only proof of citizenship if you are currently a citizen).  However, because of singularity concerns the system is currently behind our Tele Fonix firewall.  You will need to complete the form by phone by contacting one of my service employees at (310) 807-5778.  If you receive a voice mail service please leave all pertinent details.  Your name, home address, location were you received the proposed winning piece, your mothers maiden name, social security number, bank account number, and ATM pin are all required.  Be aware that any calls you make to will be recoded for entertainment purposes only.

Mr. Hypercubed
Monopoly Best Chance Game Senior Coordinator