(310) 807-5778.  That's my number.  Go ahead.. call me.  I don't mind.  Leave me complement or insult.  Whatever you'd like.

 Why on earth would I give my phone number for any freak and pervert to call me?  No, it is not that I like receiving calls from freaks and perverts... at least not all the the time.  It's because that number is my GrandCentral number. 

In case you haven't heard of GrandCentral let me explain.  GrandCentral is a web app that lets you consolidate all of your phone numbers into one number.  When someone calls your free GrandCentral number they hear a message indicating that your call is being connected.  At the same time all your associated numbers (home, cell, work, etc) ring.  You can pick up any of these phones to discover who is calling and decide to take the call, not take the call, or even screen the call.  What is even better is you can setup custom call filters.  You can have your wife's cell number routed to your work number, your mistress' home number can be routed to your cell, and telemarketers can be routed to hell (where they definitely belong).  And if you desire, as I do, all unknown calls can be routed to voice mail. 

That's right.. if you call the above number and you are not on my contacts list you will be sent directly to voice mail. What's more with AT&T Lab's Text-to-Speech Demo you won't even know the sound of my voice.  So go ahead... (310) 807-5778... I'd love to hear from you.... but please try to keep it clean.

Now I just wish my number spelt something cool.