The other day I wrote about my McDonald's customer service experience.  The blog entry was more of an observation then a complaint.  I like McDonalds and the employees at the McDonald's near my house are friendly and pleasant.  When I wrote about Fry's, on the other hand, it was pure hatred.

Another place that I vehemently hate is my local Del Taco.  The Del Taco near my house has the worst customer service of any fast food establishment I've ever been to.   Not only is the place generally filthy, the customer service is worse than... I don't know.... a vending machine.  I'd visit this Del Taco more often if the cashier was a vending machine.

Sometimes I go to this Del Taco, dispute my previous experiences, because of it's location.  Sometimes it is just too damn convenient.  Usually the cashier is simply not interested in you, your order, or, it appears, even life itself.  The typical Del taco greeting here is a silent one.  It is that inverted nod that can mean either "What Up Hommie!" or "What you lookin' at Güero" depending on the person delivering it and with the these cashiers it usually seams more like the later.

Anyway, this last weekend the experience was different, and not for the better.  I tried to make a quick stop at the Del Taco on my way taking my son to see Happy Feet at the cheap theater.  Before I could even order I had to wait for the cashier to finish counting the change in the register, yes, all... the... change... in... the.. register.  When that was done, she removed the register drawer and walked away.  I guess she was done with her shift, nice!  As I stood there for googly eyed wondering what I can do now, the manager instructed the floor sweeper to take my order.  The floor sweeper responded with "I'm sweepin'".  After a short conversation the floor sweeper was somehow persuaded to take my order. 

I was considering getting a kids meal but I had no idea what were the contents of a Del Taco kids meal and I had plenty of time while the last cashier was counting change to realize that the Kids meal was, apparently, not on the menu behind the counter.  The conversation went like this (notice no greeting).

Me: Um, what is in a Kids meal?
Cashier: Which one?
Me: I don't know, what type is there.
Cashier: Hamburger or Taco.

I found out later that they also have a quasadilla but she didn't tell me that.  She also didn't tell me the sides which is what I really wanted to know but I decided to move on.

Me: How much?
Cashier: Huh?
Me: I don't see a Kids meal on the menu... how much is it?
Cashier: It's on the menu.

She is not turning around or anything.

Me: I don't see it.
Cashier: It's there.

Still not turning around.

Me: Can you show me?

Instead of turning around and showing me she begins to call for the manager.  I don't understand why she doesn't just turn around and point it out to me if it is there.  At this point the person behind me in line interjected.

Person behind me in line: It's under hamburgers.

Finally!  I then had to get the cashier to return her attention to me (she was still attempting to flag a manager) to place my order.  Seriously, what's the deal?  Is it really that cumbersome to ask the price of something?   Shouldn't she know where the Kids meal is located on the menu?

Anyway, I placed my order, got my food, ate, and left.  At this point I don't think I will return to that Del Taco no matter what.  From now on I'll drive the extra 2 miles for Taco Bell where the employees are pleastly brain dead but not rude.  Besides Taco Bell is cheaper and better no matter what Dan tells you... or used to tell you.