I've been hearing about Joost (pronounced juiced) for a while now.  In case you haven't heard Joost is a free (and legal) peer-2-peer (p2p) software for distributing TV over the Internet.  With Joost you can watch shows from MTV, Comedy Central, National Geographic, and more right on your computer.

Joost is currently in open beta but by invitation only.  That means the only way to try Joost is to have a friend invite you.  Unfortunately for me most of my friends still search for "Google" in AOL search so I've been left out.  Well, on May 1 Joost announced 999 invites per user.  What that means is Joost users can stop being greedy with the invites are start handing them out to random strangers.  Hey, that's me!  I'm a random stranger!

Thanks to Josh over at UbuntuOS I can finally try Joost.  Thank you very much Josh.

Would you like to try Joost?  Well now that I have a few invites of my own I can give them out to all my friends... oh wait, that's right, my friends are too busy helping Howgul Abul Arhu get forty seven million dollars out of Nigeria.  I guess I too will have to invite random strangers.  If you would like an invite please leave a comment below.  Make sure you include a valid e-mail address in "Mail (will not be published)".  You do not, and should not, leave your e-mail address in the comment if you want to avoid spam.  I promise to send an invite to at least the first 25 comments (do I even have 25 readers?).  After that it depends on how bored I am and how my carpal tunnel is felling.